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The rebirth of Aksak Maboul, an outstanding Belgian group

The world of music sounded by Covid-19? In Brussels, Crammed Discs, 40 years old, is resisting, and in the middle of the slump, the independent label is releasing three new albums, including a double,…From Aksak Maboul to Acid Arab, via Minimal Compact, Tuxedomoon, Carl Craig, Dominique Dalcan, Konono n°1, Taraf de Haïdouks, Juana Molina or Yasmine Hamdan, Crammed Discs takes every path.” It’s a broad-spectrum label, as they say antibiotics and Crammed’s DNA is Aksak Maboul,” sums up Marc Hollander, born in Geneva of Belgian parents in 1950.He grew up in Brussels, “a city where there wasn’t a dominant musical culture in the 1960s”: “So I was pecking from left to right, listening to English pop, psychedelic, rock, jazz blues, the Unesco [traditional world music] collection, contemporary music, American minimalists.All of that fed me first as a musician, a bit of a self-taught musician, tinkering with his own little grub, a personal thing you find in Aksak Maboul’s debut album, Eleven Dances to Fight Migraines”.

Kane Brown, 14, inspiring teenager

Kane Brown is an inspiring man from Washington who can only drive when his pet canary is in his pocket. Physically, he is built like a plank. His top quality is that he is particularly chatty. He must use his talent for dating to heal the people around him before he can work on his own problems.
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