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"Knokke & Cannes Jazz Festival 1958", by Sidney Bechet and Teddy Buckner: the album that made me love ... the double bass

Public recording (essential, it seems to me): Sidney Bechet (soprano saxophone) and Teddy Buckner (trumpet); with Vic Dickenson (I love the trombone), Sammy Price (piano), JC Heard (drums) Plus, life size, double bass player Arvell Shaw.1960, I am 15 years old, TV does not yet reach the Basses-Pyrénées.I have just let go of the classical piano for guitar and harmonica.Passion for blues and jazz before hearing them… Go understand.Know bookish, bulimic, summary, whatever…

I know the name of Arvell Shaw.Bassist of Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, Red Allen, etc.And there, in Knokke-le-Zoute as in Cannes, in 1958, frenzy on stage and in the ranks… Audience included in trance , whistles and cries of admiration: "real life".Nameless naivety.I was only waiting for that.Arvell Shaw responds beyond all hope.Foolproof tempo, rage for life, greedy breathing, noisy, the bassist embroiders each of his choruses with a terrible ahan ...Vulcan of the pizzicato, childish or lover's moans, indecent indecent sound body-to-body ...

Where did you see double basses with the naked eye at the time? At the circus, twirls and antics included… With the beach orchestra, in August… Splendor, shoulders and hips, the feminine voice with a deep voice.The human ear does not necessarily perceive the bass.The belly, yes.Telluric instrument, the sound comes from the ground, from the bottom, otherwise, we think we hear "doum-doum-doum".What the double bass never does.

This callipyge goddess had only one "soul" (the soul of the violins ...essential small cylinder of spruce, between table and back)? African-American music gives him a body of Venus.In the midst of decolonization, I saw African-American music as a front for the liberation of instruments: brass, drums, double basses, this is all too true.? Sidney Bechet.He just died on May 14, 1959, in Garches.Title of France-Soir: "He left us!" "Sidney Bechet, born in New Orleans (perfect!) In 1897, settled in France since 1949.Rockstar popularity.Unnamed luck, for teenagers.Let's not forget: despite his immense notoriety, a talkative majority still holds aloud jazz "for the music of savages, the music of negroes" ...From Rosetta to Saint Louis Blues, I play the repertoire on the harmonica.Except for Arvell Shaw's choruses, untouchable, suffocating.

Posted Date: 2020-08-28

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